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"United we stand and divided we fall", let's work together to make a difference. #changeforbetter

Why I am running

I strive to help students receive their basic rights, build democracy and freedom of speech for students.

Since 2020, the pandemic has affected many students Mentally, Financially, and Socially. Due to the socially distanced and online classes, many students experience loneliness and little social interaction, which leads to a lack of motivation, stress and leads to depression. Personally, I also felt this way. In 2020, I lost my job and everything online made me feel demotivated, lost the meaning of my life, and became depressed. It was very discouraging and started to haunt me. I strive for human interaction, I learned the importance of mental health, which I never thought could ever happen to me. Many of my friends, especially international students, have difficulty paying their MSP bills and a large amount is due. Many canceled their MSP card because they could not afford it. In september 2021 I was involved in a serious car accident that made me realize the importance of universal health care and any unprecedented event.

As a VP of Internal and organizational Development I would advocate;
Funding Universal Health Care (MSP) for students.24/7 mental health support and activities.Real-world education experience and a moderate course loadSustainable Campus policies (e.g. reusable bag, bring your own cup etc)Student democracy and freedom of speech.More Financial support / bursaryHybrid courses and reopening of the STUDENT UNION BUILDING.
I understand, many of you are facing problems relating to these issues. Now is the time to stand up for your rights.
Remember we are the only reason that SFU is still standing today!!

Main Objectives

We aim to advocate for students with basic rights such as affordable universal health care and 24/7 mental health care service. As an international student, we are required to pay $75 a month, which is not affordable for many students. We need more funds for our Universal Health Care, and SFU must make it a priority for you. SFSS covers dental & vision care, but what about universal health care?
Access to important software and free educational materials such as research sites, journals, books, Skillshare, and Coursera are essential to students learning new skills to compete in the global market. No more paying for online books on Vitalsource. During the time of increasing our tuition fees, SFU stated that they needed to pay for more resources, so they increased our fees, now where is more resources?
The majority of us do not like theoretical education, but we do like education that is fun, and we are currently entering the era of virtual reality. It is now time to move from traditional classrooms to real world education that will enhance your ability to learn more effectively. In order to thrive in the modern educational world, we need to adapt. Practical education allows us to develop both personally and professionally, as well as to gain insight into the world of work.
Sustainable campus policies to combat climate change. Let's not waste resources and reduce the use of plastic and paper cups by using our own cups instead. Each paper cup costs a tree. It is one of my priorities to implement policies for reusable straws, garbage shorting, and indoor gardening.
In the aftermath of the pandemic, we understand the need for both in-person and online education. Especially for students with learning disabilities, who will need to review the course material repeatedly. There are pros and cons to both in person and online classes; therefore, HYBRID classes are the best solution.
Despite the pandemic, SFU has raised its tuition fees up to 4% where it has been difficult for many students to maintain their tuition fees during this time of great uncertainty. As inflation and university fees increase, students are already stressed financially and mentally. Students, including international students, should be provided with more options for financial assistance, awards and bursaries.
Reopening of the Student Union Building. We need more study space and why should we shut down to that $65 million dollar building?

About Me

I am a fourth year undergraduate student studying Resource Environment Management (REM) and pursuing a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Currently I am working as a team leader in one of the marketing firm.

President at IJM at SFUCareer Peer Educator at SFUFormer VP of Education at Burnaby Mountain Toastmaster at SFUFormer Peer Educator & Mentor at FICFormer Marketing Specialist team at FICFormer Food Rescue Team at Embark SustainabilityFormer Financial Sales Representative at JW-RFormer Brand Ambassador for FW1 Nascar product at Alliance Concept.Former Fire Safety Advisor at CDN coast health & solution inc.
As a member of the SFSS board, my experience in a number of industries including marketing firms, charities, and fire safety education will add extra value to the team. I am passionate about work that involves helping and mentoring people.


Do you think Real World Education is important?How important do you think it is to have funds for Universal health care and mental health service?Do you want Hybrid class?Do you think SUB should reopen?
If you agree PLEASE VOTE for the change

Pledge to Vote on February 15-17, 2021


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