Samiya Rashmi (She/Her)

VP Equity and Sustainability


Let's make it inclusive

Why I am running

My goal is to help you receive your basic rights as a student, to build inclusiveness, to foster democracy, and to guarantee your freedom of speech.As VP of Equity and Sustainability, I would advocate;
- Promote equity and social justice on campus
- To promote anti-oppression, anti-racism, sustainability, and climate justice on our campus.
- Promote awareness and eliminate discrimination.
- Freeze on tuition fees
- Build an inclusive environment for all
- Student democracy and freedom of speech.

Main Objectives

Currently, we are living in a diverse society, which makes inclusiveness more important than ever. In order to promote an inclusive campus environment:
- I am committed to promoting to all students the importance of land acknowledgement and indigenous relationships to the land through awareness campaign, collaborating with the indigenous group and community.
- Supporting the BIPOC community and working in collaboration with the support group and clubs on campus. Manage different events and maintain balance in the community.
- Center for Accessible Learning (CAL) provides services to SFU students with learning disabilities. Maintain liaison with the CAL in order to ensure that students receive more support from the centre.
- Restore student power and ensure more transparency in the decision-making process of SFSS.
- Currently, we live in a multicultural society. It is food and music that bind us all together. Music has no language and is a universal language. Having a cultural night, tasting international cuisine, and enjoying music from around the world would be a wonderful way to start making our campus a more inclusive environment.

About Me

I am a fourth year undergraduate student studying Resource Environment Management (REM) and pursuing a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In my current position, I am a Program Leader in a non-profit organization and volunteer for the ITMP program (Indigenous Tutor and Mentor Program).Experience:
- Undergraduate student senator 2022- 2023
- Program Leader at YWCA Metro Vancouver
- President at IJM at SFU
- Tutor and Mentor for Indigenous tutor & mentorship Program at SFU
- Career Peer Educator at CVS SFU
- Former Team Leader at TNI
- Former VP of Education at Burnaby Mountain Toastmaster at SFU
- Former Peer Educator & Mentor at FIC
- Former Marketing Specialist team at FIC
- Former Food Rescue Team at Embark Sustainability
Through my experience as a member of the SFU Senate and in a variety of leadership, mentoring, and advising roles, I will bring extra value to the position of Vice President of Equity and Sustainability. Through the SFSS ambassador program, peer tutoring program, and my position as a program leader, I have acquired training in EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion). My goal is to ensure that our campus is inclusive for all students, to eliminate discrimination and to provide social justice for all. In order to combat racism on campus, I am determined to make a difference. I am passionate about work that involves helping and mentoring others.

Pledge to Vote on November 1- 3, 2022


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